Multi platform FX Trading

Caplin Systems is a company spezialised on providing trading technology for FX and securities markets across the world. They provided a suite of products that would adapt the key trading functionalities to the needs of specific profiles of traders such as: Professionals, Sales people and Corporate traders.

The projects covered from the developing of the out of the box versions of these products to the actual implementation of some of these to specific clients. These adaptations would require from rebranding the app to tweaking specific functionality to suit the needs of each company.

FX Mobile

One of the most interesting products was the mobile version. The challenge was to fit all the trading capabilities, generality with a high level of information density, into the smaller mobile screen. It was critical to make a good use of information hierarchy and usability patterns to achieve a result that could fit the user needs while being usable.



UCTrader is a project that was done for Unicredit, adapting FX Pro, a product intended for professional traders, to the look and needs of this italian bank. As part of the project, we designed and developed a website for introducing the features to the public, along with a point and click tutorial to provide training to new users.


Selected Works

Money and Pensions Service (2020)UX and Service Design

Sky (2019)Product Design

Cluster Seven (2018)UX and Product Design

Ubuntu (2016)OS Design

Caplin (2015)UX and Product Design

De Pinchos (2014)Product Design